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Excellent. Gatekeepers are inevitable.

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Thank you for such a nice piece. I'm reading the book (yes, a book!) 4,000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman (sp?). He has a chapter entitled "The Watermelon Problem" in which he describes how, for about 44 minutes in 2016 or so, over 3 million people watched two guys put rubber bands around a watermelon until...yep, you've got the image right. Not that it's not a respectable way to spend one's time if one truly wants to, but how many folks really actively decided that's where they wanted those minutes to go? I've got lots of my own watermelons, and mostly use them to avoid being present with uncomfortable feelings like facing the fact that I'm not sure whether I'll disappoint myself in some effort I genuinely care about.

Most importantly, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Wonderful musings, and so relevant :)

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Brilliantly observed. Thanks.

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