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Through my personal Substack I have built a platform of thousands of regular readers and hundreds of paid subscribers.

But I am not interested merely in making a living as a 100% independent storyteller and essayists.

My ambitions are bigger than myself. I want to create a movement.

And so I have decided to share my audience with others.

I call this unique initative the Soaring Twenties Social Club.

Every day myself and my Premium signups all gather and collaborate and plot in our private Discord server and every Sunday we put out the STSC Omnibus, which is what this newsletter offers.

Every week we collectively put out essays, short stories, art, podcasts, poetry and more.

All completely free.

We are the new wave of completely independent, high quality art, culture and criticism and if you as a creator or supporter want to get on board and join us at our decentralised, demetricaed, thriving Discord all you have to do is sign up for a monthly, annual or founder membership to discover the best place on the internet.

And if that sounds like hyperbole take this 14 day free trial, come and say hello to us at the Soaring Twenties Social Club and then tell me if I am right or if I am right with my claim.

Get 14 day free trial

I look forward to seeing you over there.

And if that isn’t your bag, then you can simply sit back relax and enjoy all of the work that comes to you with each Omnibus. 100% free.

Our roster of artists will take the Pepsi challenge with any other independent creators out there. So sign up and see for yourself.



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